Self Tanner + Mitt

Self Tanner + Mitt

$ 29.00

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Looking for the ultimate tan?! This self tanner provides the best non-streak, non-yellow/orange toned tan! This self tanner works with every skin tone; from pale blue undertones to yellow and olive, this is the perfect formula!

Contains Vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin: sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and rose hip oil!

This self tanner is a 4-6 hour developer (some like the overnight look though).

Every Self Tan bottle comes with a free mitt for application! 

For perfect application, follow these instructions:

-Exfoliate. Use a washcloth to exfoliate the skin before you apply the self tanner. A must-do step! Scrub well around elbows, feet and ankles. 

-Dry your skin completely. 

-Apply the Self Tan foam in sections. Starting with your legs, using circular motions to blend. Move to trunk, then chest, then your arms. 

-Blend/dilute at your wrists, hands, feet and ankles. (Do not apply more tanner to mitt for these sections.. use excess on mitt).

-Give your skin time to dry completely. Wear darker, looser clothing. 

-Shower 4-6 hours after application. JUST RINSE, no scrubbing. 

-Apply sunscreen or moisturizer every day. 

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